~ Before Thorn.


Young girl, all alone in the world,

Eyes so blue, and hair so curled.

Where is your family, where are your friends?

Who will tell your story when your life end?


Young girl, with so many secrets buried,

Do you not in your heart feel worried?

That someday your secrets will be found,

By someone that is sneaking around?


Young girl, lonely at heart,

Wonder why your life fell apart.

There in the backyard lie many stones

Marking the places where you hid their bones.


Young girl, with nothing left,

Accused of murder, accused of theft.

No wonder you are lonely and not to be a wife,

There cannot be marriage when you have stolen life.


Young girl, your life is upside down.

~ Thorn.


This tale does neither start nor end in any way you would expect it to

I have not taken time to even try to think it through.

I will not start with 'Once upon a time'

No, this tale will not be one of those that are sublime.

In fact it is more likely that it will not be loved, but hated

Still, this girl’s fate has got to be created.

Now you have waited long enough for it to begin

I wish that you do not consider this tale a sin.

When it seems like all is lost and she is about to fail

Please remember, that this is only just a tale...


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In the little, little village of Thorn

There had been years since a child was born.

The youngest boy alive was twelve

But not all of the children had done so well.


It was said that the little village had been hit by a curse
And each year that went by it got worse.
Nobody knew where it came from or why
But it effectively kept the average age high.


Little Chrystal Morning went to heaven

At the bare age of seven.

She went to get water but fell

Into their neighbors garden well.


Lucas Goblin and his brother Thom

Had no chance of knowing where the wind came from.

When one day a tornado swept them both away

The villagers knew that the curse was there to stay.

Then it happened one year

That not one, but three families overcame their fear.

A few villagers became happy and many acted sadly

But most believed that this would end very badly.


Then when the month of April finally came

The first family got to give their child a name.

Charlie Lee was a healthy and strong little kid

He would grow up with a smile on his face whatever he did.


Just a month later it was the Wood's turn

Their life would really change and they would have a lot to learn.

They did not only get one child, but two!

And you can trust that they got a lot to do.


Two little boys with eyes sparkling and merry

The first one they decided to call Terry.

Julian was the name of the village’s third child

He would grow up to be really wild.


The last family was the Cross'

They had earlier suffered huge losses.

When their first daughter suddenly died

From illness when she still in her cradle lied.

Their new little girl looked all fine

Her eyes were blue and her hair had the same red color as wine.

They gave the baby a name that no one would forget

Mary-Hannah was the sweetest girl the villagers ever had met.


Mary-Hannah grew up to be great with art

But she also had the church close to heart.

Her parents were messengers of god, the story says

They both were involved with the church in different ways.

Her life was amazing and the three boys were her friends

She often said to herself: “I wish this never ends”.

The boys spent a lot of time fighting for her attention

All three of them really fancied her, that I must mention.


Her father did not like that she was friends with three boys

So one day he decided to give his daughter a choice.

“Either you stop being with those boys” he said

“Or I’ll lock you up until the day I’m dead”.


Young Mary-Hannah decided to please her father

And told him that she wanted him happy much rather

Than being with those boys that called themselves her friends

But secretly she thought: “No way my friendship ends”.


Weeks went by and the adolescents kept on seeing each other

Eventually though, they were discovered by her mother.

Mary-Hanna begged and begged her not to tell

But her mother went straight to her father, mumbling about hell.


With no hesitation her father decided to lock her away

In a tower, with a door lock, to make sure that she would stay.

In the tower window she sat down and cried

Wishing for the day when her father died.


Feeling betrayed by her family, the church and god

She searched the tower and found an iron rod.

Then as by spoken from the wind she heard someone call

“Sister mine, get out there and kill them all”.


Confused and scared she decided to elope

When climbing out she fell badly on her foot and lost all hope.

But then she heard that whispering voice again

Telling her to ignore her pain.


Dragging the iron rod, with her beautiful dress all torn

She started limping towards the village of Thorn.

With eyes set on her parents house she walked as fast as she could

Knowing that she would do nothing good.


When leaving her parents’ home the iron rod was colored red

From demolishing her mother’s neck and father’s head.

She felt no hesitation but her head was a blur

Then again the mysterious voice guided her:


“Well done, sister mine, now they can never hurt us again

The only thing they ever gave us was pain.

I have been taking children from their parents since the day I died

To prevent them from ever feeling denied.


I failed with you and those three boys, that is a problem

But now we can finally take care of all of them.

Not one of your friends came to save you, that is true

Now we shall let them know how that felt for you”…

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